"When you’re live people can see it on your face and they can see what the song means to you. I’ll never just sing one of my songs with a straight face like it means nothing to me because I wrote these songs and they all mean something to me."


I’m 14 years old and i listen to led zeppelin only. only the band Led , zeppelin. i will liste off the albums released by led zeppelin, i am only 14 years but i can do this, becausei  listen to “led zeppelin”. led zellpelin 1, led zepellin 2, 3, 4, houses of the holy, led zeppelin, this band i know but i am 14. Led zeppelin is a band i listen to but i am much younger than other people who listen to led zeppelin. 14 years old

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Taylor changed her bio & icon on Twitter


Winston was fearless for his first vet exam


fun fact about Small Bump (x)



My home phone is ringing. I did not know I had a home phone. Interesting development.

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