I’m kind of rethinking the album cover.


i just want to ask taylor a list of dumb pointless questions that interviews dont cover. like if she watches pokemon. what she orders at subway. what her favorite type of sushi is. if she has a netflix account and if she watches orange is the new black. what does she want to name her first born daughter. just stuff that we’ll  prolly never get the answers to. 


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today’s my 5th birthday!! I’m so excited to finally be 5 :) I know this will be my year!

ah I’m so excited it’s my birthday tomorrow!! it doesn’t really feel like my birthday but still lmao

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Meredith, Olivia, Taylor.

lmao like every time taylor swift does something on social media I’m the one who doesn’t get interacted with?? like she talks to/follows everyone but me!!! and I know I sound like a whiny bitch but I mean it just makes me really really sad that the person I put like 100% of my energy into doesn’t know I exist. plus my birthdays on Wednesday and a follow would be a dream come true but it’s not gonna happen



taylorswift's cats, probably.

My new phone lock screen, nbd.

taylorswift pls follow me my birthday is on wednesday and it would honestly be the best present i could eVER GET EVER i love you so much!!!

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